0x13 updating the ips

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The Session service establishes and maintains the sessions where session maintenance includes error-detection and control.Each session is numbered and each frame must be acknowledged within a specified timeout so there can be more that one session between one name and another.Net BIOS User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is equivalent to IP in that it is used to transfer data from device to device but NOT to carry upper layer protocols (as in IP/UDP).Datagrams are used when a response is not required (as opposed to the Session service).When a broadcast datagram is received by a Net BIOS node, every process that has previously issued a Receive_Broadcast_Datagram command receives the datagram.If none of these commands are outstanding when the broadcast datagram is received, the datagram is discarded Once legal names have been established a Session occurs between two Net BIOS names (devices or applications).

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The caller of the Receive_Datagram command must specify the local name for which it wants to receive datagrams.Net BIOS session establishment requires cooperation between the two stations.One application must have already issued a Listen command when another application issues a Call command.The status of remote and local nodes on a network can be found using the Diagnostic and Monitoring Protocol (DMP).This information contains the number of Reject frames transmitted and received, the number of aborted transmissions and the number of Logical Linl Control Protocol Data Units (LPDU) received by mistake.

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