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I hadn't used it in a few days so didn't realise it had been suspended.RSVP had sent this email to the people I had been in contact with - detailing my 'suspicious activity' and advised that they should no longer contact me.I suspect online dating will end in tears for some, and a waste of money for many. This site is full of scammers, fake and OLD profiles.The cost of stamps is ridiculously high unless you get a bulk discount offer which is still over 0 and offers NO Guarantee on any dates and contacts expire after 30 days. RSVP is very expensive to use when no one replies to messages.

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Within a few weeks of activating the site I was informed by someone that I had been messaging that he had received an email from RSVP informing him that my account had been suspended because I had not been 'playing by the rules' even though I had only responded to a few messages with the usual small talk.And I suspect they sell your details to a third person. Rsvp has been exposed on a current events program for underhanded dealings. They obviously don't pay too much attention to customer profiles.You have better chance if you stood on a street corner. Stamps are each and while that seems okay it soon builds up in cost.Now in order to chat to this new guy, I had had to buy stamps in order to communicate with him, as I had used up my two free stamps with other guys who had not replied anyway. You may exchange free kisses with members, however to actually start a conversation with what I thought was a potential and genuine match (obviously leading to a potential date), I had to fork out more money just to get the conversation started.This latest " rejection " comes off a string of rejections I had had through online dating, and frankly I can't take much more of it. I just want to meet a man that is BRAVE and not a COWARD when it comes to talking with women.

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