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It prevents you from enjoying what you have with your boyfriend if you’re always comparing yourself to his ex, like by checking what he posted about her versus what he posts about you. Real-life connections, experiences, and conversations will always feel more meaningful than what happens online with your boyfriend. Do you really need to know that your partner’s killing time at work or had to deal with bad traffic?It’s sad if you’re using social media to catch up with your partner at the end of the day instead of making time to see and speak to them. The less you see of your partner’s day online, the more stuff you have to talk about later. You might end up stressing about things online that really don’t matter at all and don’t reflect your relationship quality.

It actually dilutes them because they become something trivial for people to read about in their newsfeed, stuck between someone’s political post and another person’s status update about how much they love coffee. If you’re so worried about what people think about your relationship, you’re totally missing the point of being in a relationship.They also say Swinyar “loves to talk about politics and Donald Trump.” A student from the middle school showed me this letter that was sent home for parents today regarding the investigation into the teacher at Kernan Middle School @Action News Jax RKWyuv Sl A — Danielle Avitable (@Danielle ANjax) March 7, 2018 A teacher from Kernan Middle School is suspended for 10 days without pay starting tomorrow. You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.It starts to look like you care more about appearances than your actual relationship. Social media can quickly become a way for you to check up on your partner, which is creepy AF.If you haven’t heard from him all day, you might log onto Facebook to see what he’s been up to as a way to stay in the loop. If you rely too much on social media, it can prevent real communication in your relationship. You should enjoy the sacred moments in your relationship and milestones with your partner offline. When they stay private, they also feel more special.

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