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That's why Judaism has certain pre-set activities every day. Commit yourself 365 days a year, for the rest of your life: When you wake up in the morning, appreciate being alive.

When waking up, for example, we say: "Thank God I'm alive." It's a moment of conscious appreciation for getting another chance, another day. "Cyclical:" Repetition and Review Life is not one-dimensional.

Sometimes, even a simple change of scenery, a cold drink, or a breathe of fresh air is enough to recharge your batteries. We do this, because it is painful to be constantly aware, to be constantly "on." To break through that pain, focus instead on the pay-off.

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I want to use my mind, and be constantly moving toward my goal." You may notice some resistance as a little voice protests inside: "No way! Decide that you are willing to take the pain of thinking, of being aware, all day long. Make up your mind: "I am going to do 'X' for one hour straight. You can practice this while riding on the bus, or waiting at the dentist's office.The insight is fleeting if you don't capture it in some way. Every child is asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?It has to sink into your bones and permeate your mind. That's why we repeat the Shema twice a day, and why we review the Torah year after year. " This question has subtle implications that can damage a developing personality.But if you believe there is a purpose to life, why would you want to waste any bit of it?You'll want to understand every aspect of life, to do the most with the limited time you have. In Hebrew, Eden means "pleasure." When you commit yourself to what a human being was destined for – a life of pleasure – you will go out searching for the highest pleasures.

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