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'”In addition, Poehler’s Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman, who played Ron Swanson on the sitcom, sent a message to both the NRA and Loesch.“Our good-hearted show and especially our Leslie Knope represent the opposite of your pro-slaughter agenda – take it down and also please eat s**t,” he wrote, adding an emoji of an American flag.

And fellow star Adam Scott, who played Ben Wyatt on the show, cut right to the chase, writing, “Hey @nra please stay the f**k away from Leslie Knope.”As of Thursday, the NRA had not removed the message.

Westfeldt asked Scott to participate in a table reading when she was still working on the script in February 2010.

“Her development process is just to do readings and see how it plays and also ask lots of questions of the people who do see the readings to try and make sure everything makes sense to everybody,” he says.

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But co-creator of the NBC show, Michael Schur, took offence to the post, and shared a message on his and Poehler’s behalf.“Hi, please take this down.You know, Kristen Wiig was sitting next to me so I was just hoping that I would remember my lines.” Of course, shooting a film about couples with kids meant that there would be children on set.Both toddlers and babies are in the film, and Scott says that while the toddlers were relatively cooperative, the babies “don't know what's going on and they don't want to be there.” In one particularly memorable scene in the film, which never shies away from the ugly down-and-dirty truths of parenting, Scott has to clean up a diarrhea-covered baby, which was not a fun shoot for anyone.They believe they can remain platonic friends and pursue relationships with other people, therefore avoiding the same fate as their married friends who’ve changed from happy lovers to stressed-out parents.VIDEO: ' Friends With Kids' Trailer Hits the Web It turns out that Scott, 38, was involved with the project from the very beginning.

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