Awstats not updating properly

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HTTP is the most important protocol used in the World Wide Web (WWW).

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AWStats A program that provides information about the visitors to your website in both graphical and statistical views.It then responds by serving web pages to the browsers; for this reason, its called web server software. You can do this via the File Manager in your Site Manager, or you can download the file and open it in a generic text editor like Note Pad or Text Edit.You can also view the file via any Linux text editor, vi, vim, pico, nano, etc. In that file you will want to go all the way to the bottom of the file, looking for something like this: There should be similar tags for each of the domains you want to track statistics for.Inside the “Virtual Host” tags for each domain you want to track separate statistics for you will need to add the following line, just above the “” line, changing “ backup your original system files before making changes/overwrites.Once the file has been uploaded you will need to restart Apache.

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