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These products can include parts, pieces, components, accessories, raw materials, chemicals, tools and other assets employed in the maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, apparatus, instruments, aircraft, vehicles, vessels, and locomotives.

I") is payable on the entry of foreign goods into the country which are destined for internal consumption.

Those foreign goods subject to the payment of duty are listed in the Common Foreign Tariffs (TEC), based on the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) prepared by the Mercosur member countries which, in turn, is modeled on the Brussels Customs Nomenclature Harmonized System.

Import applicants must be enrolled in the Exporter and Importer Register of the Foreign Trade Department (DECEX).

Currently, DECEX's duties regarding imports are assigned to the Foreign Trade Office (SECEX). - Examples of Imports Subject to Approval Additionally, for examples sake, under current Brazilian Law, the following imports are subject to a preliminary approval from government agencies: human blood and its derivatives; human organs, tissue, and substances; psychotropic substances and products capable of causing alterations in the nervous system and higher functions; armaments and munitions, gunpowder, explosives, Other items subject to approval are: ancillary items; nuclear materials; weedkillers and insecticides known as Agent Orange for the purpose of defoliation; aircraft, components, and parts thereof; some computer related goods; petroleum and its basic derivatives; metallic mercury; skins, hides, objects made from wild animal skins or hides; franking machinery; bovine semen; sugars and alcohol; ecology-threatening products; petrochemical products; and products used in clinical research.

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