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On July 15, 2009, Ross told MTV that the new sound he and Walker are working on is, "They're more, uh, I wouldn't want to say 'heavy,' but I guess I would have to, in the sense of, like, early garage music and Kinks and stuff.The songs are shorter and faster, and I guess they're more rock and roll than flowery stuff"."He and Walker are writing and recording songs (with Pretty. producer Rob Mathes) at a lightning-quick pace, and they'll soon be revealing the fruits of their labor".Since then, their new band called The Young Veins has released their song "Change" onto the Internet.Pete doesn't want to kick Patrick out of the band, none of them want to kick Patrick out of the band.But if Patrick can't get his act together, it might be their only option if they want to continue trying to make it in the Chicago scene.i dout he is gay he is more likely bi sorry for the crappy spelling Other Answer: Yes, He Is Gay.But There Has Been Rumours That He Is Going Out With Paramores Drummer's Ex Girlfriend.

Their two-piece band was originally called Pet Salamander.

With much success and touring of their debut album, the band went back into the studio on October 2007 to record what has come to be the bands's second studio album, Pretty.

Odd., which was released on March 25, 2008; the sound greatly differed to the band's debut album.

This was the last studio album Ross has contributed to with Panic!

at the Disco, until he was credited for writing on Panic!

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