Chemistry and dating

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There’s got to be some Yin and Yang, some polarity for things to heat up in the bedroom. He was overweight and not her physical type; he dressed poorly, but she loved many of his qualities. He treated her with tremendous respect, always driving over an hour to meet her. It’s too early to know where this relationship will go, but for now, Lori is happy.

Some people don't even see it as a good thing initially.And, so you don't lose your mind while you're doing that, there's something incredibly powerful you should know about: circular dating.Circular Dating means you date more than one man at a time until you have the commitment you want from the man who is right for you.You'll be surprised by how passionate some of these guys (who you're not initially head-over-heels for) can be if you give them a chance.If you think you feel overwhelming chemistry for men who leave you hanging, just imagine what you can experience with a man who truly cares for you, cherishes you and does what a man is supposed to do when he's into you! You'll discover a new, fun way to think about relationships and dating that's all about you, raises your self-esteem, and draws the right man to you effortlessly.

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