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beautiful color but applies in thick layers and bubblies up a lot which makes the nais look weird (with little bubles in them)still dries more quickly than a lot of other opi polishes so that is a plus If you wear blue polishes at all, you need this one.

I took a bottle comp photo for this but it was so terrible I can't bear to post it even if it makes this the only polish in the post with no bottle photo. Maybe I'll go back and take another one to add later. Honestly I kept hearing that these were exact dupes left and right but IMO the OPI is a tad lighter.So I wanted to basically rule most of them out as dupes more than actually find a dupe, which I might add seems like an impossible task for this polish!!! For people in the health care industry, long polished nails are strictly prohibited.Hopefully this will help you guys out when it comes time to pick your polishes for the sale.I admit I went a little nuts with the comparisons but I thought that ruling out possible dupes was just as important as posting actual dupes.

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