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Between 19 he was employed by the Israeli consulate in New York City.While there he completed a BA in political science, with honors, at the City University of New York's Hunter College.As the show progresses, it is almost certain to be inclusive to most if not all lesbian life styles.Give it more than one episode, and try to watch it from beginning to end.The lesbian community has been under represented for far too long.While there are some short comings in the script, the acting is hardly bad.During his tenure as GPO director he implemented several measures that improved working conditions for foreign journalists in Israel.This notwithstanding, there were numerous complaints about his treatment of journalists unsympathetic to Israeli policies (see Controversies below).

Seaman was directly responsible for coordinating the press coverage of several heads of states visits to Israel including US President Bill Clinton, British prime minister Tony Blair, Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien, Australian prime minister John Howard, Jordan's King Hussein and Chinese president Jiang Zemin.

In fact, it's the shows subtleties that give it the life it has.

These are situations and representations of people who could exist in real life.

He was a member of the Israeli press delegation to the Aqaba peace talks (see Road map for peace, Red Sea Summit in Aqaba, Jordan, June 4, 2003).

Seaman received the Israel Outstanding Civil Service Award in 2000 for coordinating the international press coverage of Pope John Paul II's visit to the Holy Land in March 2000.

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