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They are dealt with in a separate listing here:- Modern bone china manufacturers.

Founded in 1876 by William Alsager Adderley in Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, England.

A Willow pattern and transfer prints were characteristic until a growing tendency toward richness of style was confirmed by the introduction of a maroon ground in 1821.

John Rose II, succeeding in 1828, lavishly imitated the French Sèvres style as well as the styles of Chelsea and Derby, with versions of their respective turquoise, claret, and mazarine blue.

Aynsley is a leading company with a long history, so has it's own page. (Goes to a separate page) Founded 1894 Staffordshire, England by James W. Established initially in the 1890’s as maker of tableware as well as ornaments, Beswick were also on the bandwagon of making Staffordshire cats and dogs, most of which were unmarked and hard to tell from other Staffordshire makers of the period.

Accounts vary as to the exact date Crown Staffs was properly established.

Thomas Green (senior) was employed at one of the Burleigh pottery factories in 1790, but records show he officially founded his "Churchill Works" in the autumn of 1795.

However, trading under the name ‘Green’ in various guises, Crown Staffordshire was first used by the company in 1897.

Unlike the well documented connections of Royal Crown Derby, I can’t find any references to royal patronage that would authenticate the use of the ‘Crown’ trade name.

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    With the move of production to Korea in 1984, paper labels (of a different design) were reinstated although some early 1984 models still retained the back brace stamp.

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