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Ok so I bought an epiphone sheraton ii on Craigslist. But on closer inspection, when I looked inside the hole in the body at the serial number, there was something like a piece of tape covering the serial Number with a bunch of numbers on it.I removed it, and underneath it was apparently a different detail number.

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Unusual is the long scale length of 15" (I have heard of another early Epi mandolin that is the same).

If there are other ideas out there I am still looking. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins. Donaldson Wood Thormahlen Andersen Old Wave Bacorn Yanuziello Fender National Gibson Franke Fuchs Aceto Three Hungry Pit Bulls This site has good info on Epiphone serials (use the serial scheme for acoustic guitars).

If the label uses a gothic-style font, it is probably from the mid to late 1930s. I am very interested in the history of the old NY Epiphone instruments.

If it is gold and contains phrases like 'Epiphone Banjo Corp' or 'Makers of Art Musical Instruments', it is from earlier. Posting the serial number, and photos would really help, also the type of label. my first post after joining this great forum recently...) Welcome to the Cafe, Masterbilt!

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