Dating guys with bad reputations

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And as with many Catholics dealing with guilt over their sexuality, they tend to be fantastic in bed.

I work with an man who is from Ireland (Heavy accent). I outed myself to him and he got sort of freaked out.

I'm sure there are others here who can refine that answer (or correct it), and I'd love to learn more if the thread can stand the expansion.

The Irish Curse is that their cocks don't work when they are drunk.

I did know a few guys with small ones, but they were the exceptions. .haha, r2, your post reminds me of a scene in 30 Rock where Conan O'Brien and Alec Baldwin were having a convo and they made snipes at each other about being "red" vs "black" Irish.

All uncut, of course, both Catholics and Protestants. A bit on the psycho side, most of them - a lot of drama and performance and then romance and worry that you weren't going to keep calling. I'd imagine Conan has at least an average-sized dick given how tall he is.

Penis size is inherited so yes, it has all to do with ethnicity or race.

Anyway..story but we wound up having sex one day after work.

He was very well endowed and had a fairly nice body (He is a red head).

I had to quit seeing him because he has too many hangups about his sexuality.

in fact the average size in ireland for men between 18-40 is 8 inches ...

which if you ya know anything .2 inches larger than america/canada :)NOT TRUE...

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