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I reminded the promoter and the venue that the Alhambra Theater, where the event was planned to take place, is named after the historic scene of the Spanish Reconquista, where the Christians defeated the Muslims in that portentous year, 1492.

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er to see if we could talk to Death in June’s fans and get a sense of what they believe.Some people of color showed up to the protest, some anti-racist skinheads, and the energy level was high in the crisp autumnal evening, with a deep sense of solidarity among our side.As fans began to line up for the show, I took the handy megaphone that my cohort had borrowed from a friend, and I started to ask questions.” They responded in zombie-like boredom: “We know.” “Is it from the Nazis?” “Yes, it’s from the Night of the Long Knives.” Since some people seemed like they didn’t really understand, I tried to repeat what I’ve learned from reading quotes by the band’s members published in magazines and the like.

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