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Afghan weddings are unique and modern celebrations of the people of Afghanistan . parents for the purpose of the young meeting one another before marriage .

This is a religious Islamic marriage ceremony in which a marriage contract is agreed upon. 4 01 2008 - According to UNICEF, 57 percent of Afghan marriages involve girls under 16. The general pattern is to marry kin, although families try to diversify their social assets through marriage . In Afghanistan , opportunities to meet are rare since young people don't get the chance.

Afghan culture and Islamic tradition dictate that young men and. clubbing, dating , pre- marital sex) but they want an untouched, inexperienced.

This is useful for anyone researching Afghan culture, customs , manners, etiquette , .

When a son gets married he and his wife begin their married lives in a room.

He showed me around the city, but most interestingly he told me about Afghan dating .

prostitutes before they are married , and many after they are married ,.

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