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The person that wants to have children and get married someday? Finding someone to date is so awkward in the 21 century. Here are a few reasons why: Websites and apps for dating are the norm, while meeting someone organically, like at a Whole Foods, is such a weird thing to happen.In random encounters, some women get aggressive when being approached by men, who attempt to compliment them, but some men also approach women aggressively and when they get rejected? An example stems from the man who called me a “bitch” when I rejected his advances.

My job is to fight crimes of the heart, stop dating indignities, get your stuff back, help you help your mom through your breakup, make good relationships great ... I promise to be as thoughtful and fun as the relationships I’d like you to have.

It also has been a gateway to infidelity with sites like Ashley or finding others for a one night stand from Tinder.

Oh and when you don't have any matches, it might cause you to feel insecure, but don't.

Surely its sole purpose is to help others find that special person they will spend the rest of their waking lives with.

The person that shares the same views on politics, religion, and will dote on you every second of every day?

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