Drupal 7 aggregator not updating

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I have the following advagg modules enabled: The JS aggregated file created by advagg module is not compressed.The initial requirement of having a JS aggregator still remains. But minify does not work on top of aggregated [email protected] Are you using the compressor that comes with Adv Agg?I did test the feed on a clean install of 7.x and confirmed the issue. My guess is that it is something to do with an items publish date as the aggregator, when run, reports "no new items" even when there are some.The feed won't update and pull in new items on a cron run or when manually updating it. If you delete all the items, then I presume the feed aggregator simply imports all items regardless of the date. To place the block on your page, navigate to the Blocks page and choose a region in which to display the block.Now every time you add a feed, you can select a category which the items will automatically appear under.* * @param $variables * An associative array containing: * - item: The item to be displayed. * * @ingroup themeable *//** * Checks and sanitizes the aggregator configuration.* * Goes through all fetchers, parsers and processors and checks whether they * are available.

No the row numbers won't be as they are subject to aggregation. I'm after sequential row numbers on the aggregated rows.

I have selected JSqueeze (also tried JSMIN and JShrink) but the js files are not minified.

Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if the module in not working I have checked the status report and everything is good.

Does Minify work with Adv Agg disabled (only core aggregation)?

I tried minify after removing JS aggregation Turns out the jquery.was not getting minified.

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