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6, 2011 Email: [email protected] policy: If I have made a mistake or did not mention a scroll then by all means e-mail me.

Introduction: There are a few rare flowers, one essence and a few figurines that was not located.

From the front of the castle outside of the archway, look toward the castle then move to your left. All wands, real or just for training, require mana. After getting your training wand press the - button to pause the game. Now go to the other side of the castle and grab that chest. Head back to Renee and turn to your left and go in that small area. Build the nature walk by using wooden bridge, stair top, fence and rose pieces. On the other end, place 2 short pipes and a sprinkler.

Also each consecutive weed will have different essences if pulled fast enough. Trees: Apple, Mana, Wood, Dead Wood First weed: Apple Second weed: Mana Third weed: Metal Since we are here let us mine. Then use the nuchuck to go left or right and lightly shake your wii remote to strike the wall. Click Socialize, then Chat, then Discuss Unicorns, then Give, then Patty-Cake, then Puppet Show, then Hug, then ask for gears. That is where I found it but it might appear randomly. (Closest to the watermill.) Put another one to the left of that then switch to the small gear. Now before you leave build stairs to the ledge above the watermill because there is a just there. D] Head through the gate and go towards the boat in the water. Select the large gear and put it on the right side of the contraption. Barney s house needs 10 structure essences, 8 nature and 1 door so enter the construction mode and place a medium base block into the grid. When you are done talk to Lyndsay to finish the scrolls. Go inside his house by walking up to the door and press A. The book tells you that there are eight invitations so press B until you go back to the screen with your sim. A] Exploration in the Wild West If you walk straight ahead then you will run into a stump. Go back the way you came and stop at the archway before passing through to see another bandana. Head back toward the girl and stop at the weed and go the upper left path (assuming you are facing toward Roxie.) Walk up the path and look to your left. Go up the stairs near here to find a chest with a scroll, Sapphire, Mana and Simoleons. To the right of the mining area is the last bandana. Do not forget to look do use the treasure finder to see what you find. Enter construction mode and place two long axles between the windmill and the gear. From the right side of the T pipe, with your back facing the water pump and the camera behind you, place a long pipe then an elbow pipe facing the back of the garden, a short pipe and a sprinkler. Then click on the task button and then click on the task to find out what you need to do. (We will head for Capital Island later so the fish can wait.) Cowboy Junction [3. Pull it and go up a small wooden step and go right to get to another area. You will see a live tree with musical notes and an almost dead tree with pineapples. Also behind the ledge is a cactus with a bandana on it. Nothing else up here so go back toward the weed but take the right path before reaching the weed. There is a cactus on the right with a bandana on it. Put stairs or something you can to reach it." Fishing: (By Gino s tomato garden) Bass, Crab, Piranha (By the cows) Bass, Electric Eel, Jellyfish Weed 1: Pineapple Weed 2: Tire Weed 3: Musical Note Weed 4: Electrobit Trees: Dead Wood, Mana, Musical Notes, Pineapple, Wood Underground: Amber, Electrobit, Mana, Stone Mining: (By entrance) Bronze , Mana, Metal (By Gabby's house) Bronze, Electrobit (rare to find), Mana, Metal Gino s Pizza Disaster [3. After the scene, Gabby gives you a new scroll so talk to Lyndsay. Then place a medium axle between the water pump and the windmill. Then place a short pipe, an elbow pipe facing the back of the garden, a short pipe, two long pipes and a T pipe.

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