Ella koon dating

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Ella is 26 years old and her manager said her brain is the most valuable, as it is completely new; it hasn't been used in the last 26 years. But at least Ella is able to make fun of herself, "My current company pitied me.They saw that I was old so they signed me." This doesn't sound like the words of a girl who grew up in a sheltered family.Ella took on 3 movies within one year and acted in "Revolving Doors of Vengeance." Her character as Lee Hoi Sum spiked her popularity greatly. She has had negative rumors with Jaycee Fong, Ron Ng, and her dating history was uncovered. "Ella's manager said Ella's mind is very valuable, as it is 100% fresh.Whether this is true or not, by coming this far, she is quite smart.

After I made the movie, I didn't think about furthering my acting career.So I told my mother that I wanted to stay in HK and become a full time model.My family is very open so they never opposed my decision."Also, Ella's music company, Boombeat Music, is a small company, with a staff of less than 10 people.If we compare Ella with Lee Hoi Sum, there is not much similiarity.But as long as Ella's character is accepted, that's fine."When I go out, people will call me 'Hoi Sum.' They will say 'see you tonight' [on tv]; I am so satisfied!

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