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The term Eskimo comes from a Native American word that may have meant 'eater of raw meat'.

They prefer the name Inuit, which means 'the people' or 'real people' and comes from a language called Inuit-Inupiaq.

The Inuit are a race of people both strong in spirit and in mind.

The Inuit cultural identity is firmly rooted in nature and the land.

The region is often called the Land of the Midnight Sun because at a certain point of the year the sun can be seen for twenty-four hours.

At the North Pole, the sun never sets for six months from about March 20 to September 23.

Most Inuit speak English, Russian, or Danish in addition to their native language.

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They also include the north coast and islands of the Canadian Arctic and most of the west coast and part of the east coast of Greenland .

Their homeland stretches from the northeastern tip of Russia across Alaska and northern Canada to parts of Greenland .

Inuit refers to the people formerly called Eskimos.

It is maintained through storytelling, drum dancing, language, family and cultural laws and traditions, the passing on of traditional hunting and survival skills and traditional arts and crafts.

The traditional way of life has ended for most Inuit.

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