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Members are even referred to by this distinctive garment (Jarth).In the simplest of terms, the religion of the Psijic Order can be described as ancestor worship.The only one that has received publicity outside of Artaeum is Change. and to encourage change where it brings excellence, beauty, happiness, and enlightenment.In the words of Taheritae the Sage: In Mundus, conflict and disparity are what bring change, and change is the most sacred of the Eleven Forces. It is the duty of the disciplined Psijic ["Enlightened One"] to dilute change where it brings greed, gluttony, sloth, ignorance, prejudice, cruelty . As such, the faithful counsel has but one master: His mind.

Calling Artaeum their new home, the Psijic were able to continue the Old Ways of Aldmeris.In addition, it is believed that the Psijics' views also included the suggestion that Anu’s son, the Time Dragon, was formed in reaction to Padhome’s influence. Similar to the age old question of what happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object, this inconceivable effect gave rise to an equally inconceivable cause.PSJJJJ was named, and the Order took his name (Teachings of Vehk).Unseen by many, these ancestor spirits from the phantom world command great influence over our world.According to the Psijic Order, the Daedra and gods that the common people worship are nothing more than the spirits of our ancestors.

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