Indiana evans and brenton thwaites dating

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Brenton: I sang a girl a song at school once in front of everyone, to get her attention.

You always hold hands, and you kind of look at people’s hands. I bite my nails, and I’ve got scars all over my fingers. MTV: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl? MTV: We have to admit, seeing you with a baby in your arms was not a bad sight… Brenton: (hesitant) Yes, maybe twenty years too early…! Thanks for the catch up, Brenton, we’re off to get a mani, stat!

But over time, we bonded, and I learned that if a baby falls asleep in your arms, that’s a good thing!We caught up with the Aussie babe to get the low-down on who our competition is… Brenton: I think it was in South Africa with my ex girlfriend… Especially those in New York and San Diego – Minneapolis and Dallas, they’ve all been pretty cool. Brenton: No, I’ve honestly had very sweet fans so far. Brenton: Well, she can be an interviewer, interviewing me for one of my upcoming movies. MTV: Have you had any weird Fan girl moments - any crazy chicks running after you? MTV: Did you write the song, and more importantly – did it work?!

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