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"It's like future gangsters in training." Suffolk Legis. kids are not able to walk in their own neighborhood without being attacked." Street gangs have long used threats and the promise of protection to entice new members, but the recruitment of young children in North Bellport represents an intimidating new step for gangs in the area, Browning and concerned residents say.Kate Browning, the public safety panel chairwoman who also represents the area, said the gang's recruitment of children is disturbing. The recently reported trend in North Bellport -- where the Bloods street gang also is active -- has disturbed the community and its leaders. "They think this is a family for them, but it's the wrong kind of family." Gangs targeting schools Malik Preston, 16, who with his mother, Patrice, attended a June community meeting in North Bellport called to address the gang issue, said he was recently punched and slapped by three gang members. "They hit me because I told them I wouldn't join" the gang, said Malik, who spoke with Newsday about the incident with his mother.Such groups seek children as young as 9 -- but typically no younger -- knowing that the judicial system is more lenient on them, the organization says.

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He declined to say what those activities might be, citing limited intelligence on the group.

Several older suspected members of the Natural Born Killers gang -- known to investigators as NBKs -- have regularly been arrested on drug and weapons possession charges, according to the police.

And many children in the area have recently reported being beaten by gang members, many of whom are just 14 or 15 years old themselves, said Browning.

An Editor’s Note published July 12, 2017, about Kevin Deutsch’s reporting appears at the end of this story.

A North Bellport street gang that calls itself the "Natural Born Killers" is recruiting children as young as 9 years old to join the group, said residents and the head of the Suffolk County Legislature's public safety committee.

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