Invalidating mother

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You deserve better than to carry around those negative feelings.

Besides, you have too much already to deal with considering you’re recovering from growing up with a narcissistic mother.

While my writing career suddenly began to take off, my personal relationships changed, especially when I also admitted to having C-PTSD.

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In any case, them treating you poorly isn’t about you doing something wrong, it’s about them. Feelings are a natural part of life- respect them, don’t ignore them.Some people suddenly became very judgmental, telling me how I needed to just get over it, let it go, forgive & forget, stop living in the past, I use having C-PTSD for attention & even how I needed to be the one to fix things in my relationship with my parents. The fact is, like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, people don’t like unpleasant subject matters.They prefer light, fluffy, happy things, as the unpleasant things make them uncomfortable.I talked less about it until many years later, once I started learning about narcissism.Then, I began to talk more & also to write about it.

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