Invalidating the session

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grants access to whatever data and functionalities are defined to be session-based.

What is usually done is: From your question, I suppose that you would like the browser "closure" to act like a logout button.

Please let us know if you face any difficulty in raising the ticket.

From left, Superior Court Judges Wayland Sermons of Beaufort County, Martin Mc Gee of Cabarrus County, and W.

(CJ photo by Dan Way) They are four words among many in the state constitution.

But their meaning could invalidate all laws passed in a 2016 special session of the General Assembly if a three-judge Superior Court panel decides they enshrine fundamental right predating the American Revolution.

However, is there a mechanism to inform the Kony runtime support library that it should no longer use the session token that it holds when subsequent service requests are made? We have exactly the same problem: Calling session.invalidate() is only an optiona for mobile apps as Kony documentation says.

Please go through the below link for knowing the usage of this API.

If you can capture a closure event, then that's good. two minutes) and have some Javascript running in the background of the page to do some regular hidden "keep-alive" activity with the server (e.g.

every 90 seconds) as long as the corresponding tab/window is open.

Either way, it is up to the server to enforce a timeout.

You cannot reliably handle it client-side only, if only because the client can disappear abruptly without any trace (user's laptop battery is empty, user is roaming in a car/train and goes out of range of a station, user's machine or browser crashes, user is evil and kills his browser just to annoy you... This leaves you with the question of expiring the session.

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