Jonna and zach from real world dating

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The season featured eight people who lived in a hotel converted into a suite.

It is the fourth season of The Real World to be set outside the United States, after The Real World: London in 1995, The Real World: Paris in 2003, and The Real World: Sydney in 2007.

The Real World: Cancun is the twenty-second season of MTV's reality television series The Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras follow their lives and interpersonal relationships.

It is the only season of The Real World to be filmed in Mexico.

He had a girlfriend named Danielle back home, but the temptations of Cancun presented a challenge to their relationship, and they broke up in the first episode. He is an overachiever who was president of the student council in high school, captain of the basketball and track teams, and class valedictorian.

He is openly gay and single, currently uninterested in a commitment, though baggage from previous relationships continues to haunt him. MTV describes her as a sensitive girl who sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her.

Theresa admirably refuses to apologize to Nany or give a shit about anything, but that isn't an effective long-term strategy.

She has a history of drug abuse and self-mutilation, the latter of which recurs in Episode 5, after repeatedly coming into conflict with various other members of the cast throughout the first several episodes, in particular Joey.These are actual stakes, and we feel them through the screen.People keep talking about how much it sucks to "work together," which would be hilarious except that this really is their job.Production Designer Chuck Aubrey used the hotel's signature furnishings to decorate the suite, along with the vivid colors that are typically used by the Real World production to adorn the residences.The suite, like all of the resort's other 418 rooms, features an ocean and sunset lagoon view.

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