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The head of the OPP’s biker enforcement unit said he’s aware of the east-end clubhouse and police have been monitoring the location.“The return to London is not a surprise, as there has been a presence in London by the Outlaws all along — they just had no clubhouse,” Det.-Sgt. Opening a London chapter in 1977, the Outlaws dominated the city’s criminal biker scene for decades until the Hells Angels opened a prospect chapter in 2001.

Things went from bad to worse for the Outlaws after that.

The markers do not indicate which designation—a Site, Event, or Person—a subject has been given. Of all provinces and territories, Ontario has the greatest number of National Historic Sites, and the largest number under Parks Canada administration, with a dense concentration in southern Ontario.The five largest clusters are listed separately: Numerous National Historic Events also occurred across Ontario, and are identified at places associated with them, using the same style of federal plaque which marks National Historic Sites.A series of arsons at biker-owned business in 2012 escalated into the shooting of Hells Angels member Diamond Ialenti near the gang’s Grey Street clubhouse and gunshots fired at a private home owned by a man with ties to the Outlaws.In 2015, Steve Sinclair was fatally shot outside a social club frequented by members of the Gate Keepers, a support club for the Hells Angels.

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