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Some players spend countless hours building up their Sims so that they can afford to live a comfortable life, but sometimes those hours – after building up several different Sim families – can take a toll on your passion for the game.By using the cheat code ‘Free Real Estate on’ players will be able to purchase any house –empty or occupied– completely free of charge.If you are thinking about traveling to this secret location, be sure to pack light, as the trip won't take very long at all. Sylvan Glade can be accessed by traveling to Crick Cabana and looking for the big, mystical-looking tree.After watering the tree multiple times, the option to finally ‘Explore’ will appear.Since launching the first game in the series, , many players still don’t know that there are countless hidden secrets that have been included in each installment of the series.While most developers prefer to add the odd Easter Egg in their games, Maxis has decided to take it to the next step, as they have included countless hidden skills, traits, items, locations and even Sims within their worlds.

But little do most people know, you can actually prevent the death of your loved ones entirely (without cheating)!Some of the most common Rabbit Hole Events are seen in the City Living expansion pack where other Sims –the more Sims you know, the more common the events– will invite you to either the circus, opera or an underground concert.These events are great if you are looking to change your Sims mood – as depending on the event, their moods can be negatively or positively affected.If you’re planning to unlock this aspiration, be prepared as Grilled Cheese’s will quickly consume your Sims entire existents. Is your current house far too small but you can’t seem to afford something bigger?Well, look no further, as properties can be purchased completely free of charge when using one simple cheat.

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