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It also confirms various rumors Lanter has had since he started on Bravo's 'Manhunt' modeling show and the info that those close to the production have said (which was also revealed here at DL in the main Matt Lanter thread). Like who are are these out gay actors who are too "gay subculture" for you? I'm one of those who just think/feel this to be the case as I swear in every picture of them -- especially when they're photographed together -- they both ping like crazy!There are various little tidbits about Lanter around the net..his team actively stops any posting of those pics, plus censors any talk of his sexuality.they target gay sites. (I'm not even including they stuff he says in interviews such as his "long list" of guys that he'd "definitely go gay for" such as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.(Also, god there was no reason for that all to be one paragraph, though it will hopefully save people from reading your drivel).r40, your post is bullshit. If Jodie Foster is considered out isn't Jim Parsons as well?

Gay is not "bad," but there is a lot of negative connotations to gay SUBCULTURE stuff, particularly the bar "scene" and the Craiglist hookup posts. I don't think some stars want to be affiliated "gay" because they have their own notions of sexuality that are not defined by gay.[quote]I don't think some stars want to be affiliated "gay" because they have their own notions of sexuality that are not defined by gay. Oh my god, straight is pure, straight is good, straight hot, straight is masculine, straight is acceptable, straight is perfection, straight is normal, straight is power, straight is what I am desperate to be!! They just don't want to have to always BE the "poster child" for "I'm a cool guy who does not have asshole pics on Craiglist" kind of person. Some celebrities really don't want to be a part of the bullshit aspect of all of it and didn't sign on to carry the torch, as it were. Not the people who are upfront as to who they really are. It's not as if people here are nice to straight or especially closeted celebs...Lea is a Vancouver actor who worked with Duchovny on the XFiles.There were rumors about the two of them for years, but that's all.[quote] Being not "out" is the new out...No, r102, the media are not allowed to brand someone gay (just at most make reference to rumors) until that person utters the words, if they want to saty in business.It's not their fault that people are entitled to file civil lawsuits for damages to their public reputation.

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