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Murilo Benício Ribeiro (born 13 July 1971) is a Brazilian actor.

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For her character, Giovanna won the award for Best Actress in the Contigo Award.Besides the great success in Brazil the character has conquered fans in several countries of the world in which the novel was exhibited.The novel earned him six awards, one of which was the Contigo Prize for Best Romantic Couple with Murilo Benício.Its popularity grew even more with the characters Helô, a delegate, in Salve Jorge (2012), once again Glória Perez, and Clara, her first lesbian character, in Em Família (2014), by Manoel Carlos. Mulheres ao Mar, a blockbuster success, and also stood out like villain Atena in A Regra do Jogo.Recently, the actress also gained prominence in the cinema with the long S. The artistic career of the actress began in the children's show Clube da Criança by hosted Angélica, in the year 1991.

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