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One place they saw early in their hunt was a two-bedroom duplex penthouse with a terrace.“We loved the views and the apartment,” Brent recounts, “but it was a strange layout.” Indeed, it sat on the market for months.And yet this is the story of two lives and two visions uniting to achieve something transformative and triumphant. I love to surround myself with furniture and objects—they tell our stories and give us comfort.”Brent, by contrast, prefers more pared-down environments.“The energy we discovered working on our home together is unlike anything else,” Brent notes. We do our best work when we are together.” Says Berkus, “I look back and realize that before I met Jeremiah, I had sort of stopped seeing. “Until I met Nate the mantra I approached every room with was, ‘Unless a piece is beautiful or functional, get rid of it,’” says Brent, who will take over as host of OWN’s in January.The couple also felt strongly about living in the Village, where Berkus owned a residence ( November 2012).Finding a three-bedroom in a prewar doorman building in this neighborhood, however, can require some luck.Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent‘s family is growing.

“The day we closed on the apartment,” Brent says, “we were walking through Washington Square, and I told Nate, ‘We have to treasure this.’ For two kids from Minnesota and California to be living in this apartment on lower Fifth? I always wanted to live beautifully, and the idea of Nate and Poppy and me creating a life here together? Berkus looks at him and says, “Great design is like great love: You trust your gut.”Click here to see more of the spirited Greenwich Village home.“In all of my work, I look at a house and think about the moments that will happen there, the moments we all long to create,” Brent says.“Where will I hold my daughter on Saturday mornings?But there is another patch of Fifth that has an equal yet quite different cachet.It’s the beautiful stretch just above Washington Square Park, where the avenue begins and the surrounding prewar buildings are prized by those who seek elegance but also cherish the vitality, diversity, and cultural heritage of Greenwich Village.

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