Novell patchlink licenses not updating

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Hi , We are planning to upgrade to GW 6.5 from GW 5.5 EP sp3, Our server currently running the MTA, POA, Web Accdess , GWIA on the same server. wrote in message news:x [email protected] It now reads mm/dd and the time instead of mm/dd/yy and the time.We also have secondary domain running on diffrent servers. This is also true of the header when you open an item.There are two items in here that you want to set to accomplish Edit1=host goes here sz Edit2=serial goes here If you use a proxy, set this as well.We will be upgrading primary domain first and then the secondary later time, I would like to know whether I can run GW 6.5 MTA, POA on the same server as GW 5.5 GWIA, Web Access in a mixed version of NLM ? It is particulalry a problem when looking at document references. Found it--in the Options for date and Time--now, is it possible that the SP5 update changed the settings?Thanks, Yes you can mix a 6.5 MTA and POA with a 5.5 GIWA and Webaccess. Missing vslwp7from GW 6.5.6 client when deploying via Zen On trying to deploy the Groupwise client 6.5.6 via Zenworks 6.5, the application file vslwp7is being referenced from within the application files to copy to the target. Also, the release notes for 6.5.6 also has NO reference to vslwp7 "Pat M" wrote in ...upgrade from 6.5.5 to 6.5.6Hi, We are going to upgrade from 6.5.5 to 6.5.6 to hopefully solve the problem with sending mail to yahoo. On one server we have the MTA, GWIA, POA for our main postoffice and webaccess.

I don't want users to have to fill this information in. Thanks, Eric Along with the there should be a file.

Our local users have admin rights (for now...), but this should work for you.

His text: Not sure why this did not work for you, but if I understand you correctly, you are trying to push out the Patch Link agent via ZENworks for desktop app distribution. Almost none of our users have admin rights on w2k and xp computers... Used the version of Patch Link agent w/ the -s option in Parameters. 2) I stop the antivirus service under Pre-Dist Process term to speed up process.

1) You have to first copy the Update Agent folder to the local harddrive under Distribution Options | Application Files. 3) Run Options | Application path to local hd like c:\temp\Unpdate Agent\with Parameters set to -s. 5) Availability, to run if the file is not exist c:\program files\patchlink\update agent\That should work for ya...

********************* My comments: I created another app to follow later to delete the temp directory.

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