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Once she's ready to be adopted you can play dress-up w...

There is a special runway show featuring two of your favorite dolls, Tris and Dove!

The secret ingredients are sugar, spice and everything nice and of course...

Just like the highs and lows, the loves and losses. Pucker up and taste loves radiance in all its luminescent glory with this cute couple as they ...

Have you ever wanted to have a BFF, a best friend forever? To be healthy and happy, she needs you to inspire her creativity, join her in spending time with her friends, and also help her prepare a good breakfast! We know it's not April 1st, but Moody Ally is in the mood to prank the nanny.

Find out what kind of person she would be in this fun dress up and personality game! Now she needs you to take her to the hospital immediately so the doctors can give her first aid. Help her with the toothpaste, put salt in the coffee or scare poor Audrey with a rubber snake! Explore the beautiful story of Natalie and Olivia on their Instagram Adventure.

They are looking for the most glamorous wedding outfits and they are counting on you for a little help. Nerdy girls look adorable with their curly hair, fancy glasses, and stylish clothes.

Popular girls are also very trendy because they try new fashion ideas all the time. Play Ladybug And Cat Noir Love Notes and help these two superheroes have a romantic date in the month of love!

Follow the 3 steps of preparation: create a catchy party poster using various stickers, fonts and colors. They love to play this game and they spend all of their free time roaming... The ever gentle and sweet Ashlynn Ella needs to always look good for every part of the day, be it on a date with Hunter, when she's at the Glass Slipper or attending classes. Join the fantastic Magic School and learn how to be a witch and create real potions and magic spells!This swinging couple knows how to keep it simple and sweet.Quality time doesn't have to mean fancy restaurants, walks on the beach or live theater.Five of your favourite Monster High characters are getting ready for an epic se...What could be a cooler gift than a massive trunk filled to the brim with extraordinary outfits, costumes and accessories to fuel your dress up fun?

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    He seems happy," the former Cheetah Girl told Us Weekly. You look back, and you’re just like, 'We were young and in love,' and life goes on. You always wish well on people." "I think people fall in love with who they fall in love with," she added, referring to Rob's new lady love.

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    If you are afraid to get back into the dating game or having trust issues, then people will not think you are ready to date yet. While I am a bit of a homebody, I like going out too.

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