Online dating recovering addicts

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As our user base grows, Sober Grid’s value only continues to increase as individuals become able to find others to connect with around them no matter where they live,’ he added.

Launched last year, Soberse is a new addition to the sober dating app landscape.

The app features a number of nifty social networking features that allow users to chat with likeminded people, join groups, reach out for help, find sober people in their locality and share their thoughts on sobriety on the ‘Sober Newsfeed’. If members of the Sober Grid community use the app to date or find a sober partner, that is wonderful,’ he said.

While founder Beau Mann did not create Sober Grid is a dating app, he is more than happy if love blossoms among users. Mann recently reported strong growth in the Sober Grid user base and envisages it becoming a ‘household name in the recovery community…

While many addiction treatment counsellors advise that it’s unwise to enter a serious relationship too early in recovery, there will come a time when you feel you’re ready to start dating again.

For those in recovery, the Internet can provide an excellent means of connecting with like-minded people.

There are, thankfully, a number of apps and social networks exclusively geared towards people who don’t drink or take drugs.

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Respect each others’ boundaries and do not make any major decisions, such as marriage or moving in together, during the first year.

It’s best to avoid dating anyone from the places you frequent that support your recovery, such as meetings or yoga classes.

If you are dating and feel you may be in danger of relapse, The Cabin Singapore can provide the help and support you need to maintain a successful recovery while enjoying healthy relationships.

The Clean Fun Network has been widely hailed as a great way for sober people to connect with and meet new people and the network already has a vibrant and active community.

CFN, as it’s often known, is not strictly a dating network and is not just for those in recovery.

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