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One loan means only one due date and one check to write. Before you consolidate, you must take inventory of all of your outstanding loans.

The best way to do this is to log on to the National Student Clearinghouse Web site (org).

Student lending is an investment in the future of the nation s economy, ... Give Sallie Mae a call and talk to them about consolidating. When I got married my wife and I both had loans that totaled an outrageous amount.

We consolidated with them and were able to pick a plan were ...

You may also still qualify for the federal student loan consolidation program even if your college does not participate in the Direct ...

There are numerous potential benefits to consolidating student loans including streamlining multiple payments into ... The future looks bright for student loans, one made more so by the option of consolidation loans that leave both lender and borrower on better footing. Of course a google search turns up reams of possibly-shady companies... My loans are all currently with citibank, and while ...

If you’re weighing between consolidating your debt as a student or not, here are the pros and cons of debt consolidation that can help you decide.

Pros Increase your credit score It takes a while to recover from bad credit, but debt consolidation is a good way to start your way towards financial freedom.

You may have been frequently reminding yourself of the reasons you want to get out of debt-be it student debt, credit card debts and other loans.

Getting a debt consolidation loan helps you become debt free and eventually raising your credit score.

Improved cash flow When you consolidate your debt, you can either lessen your monthly payment or the overall interests of loans, or if you’re lucky, you can do both.

You can start your search at cu Student, which represents not-for-profit credit unions.

RBS Citizens Financial Group, Wells Fargo, Charter One and other banks ...

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