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Your bodies simply don’t move in a way that’s jiving; the rhythm is off. Keep dancing with the same person and try to make it work?

Learn dance moves that you think will fix your rhythm and make things magically align?

For example, if a person is part of a book club and you’re mocking book clubs what do you think they’re going to feel? This matters because your questions will be the most “effective” when in line with how well you want to get to know someone.

It was an innocent comment that you happened to mock book clubs but this one innocent comment ends up taunting how they view you. All this means is can you take a risk or is it a situation where you have to save face and make sure you’re perceived as “normal?

Sharing (a la “Ready for Love”) about a bodily function oops is never sexy. It’s an opportunity to laugh together, show your confidence, and nothing more. let’s just say it might be slightly more difficult for you two to find common interests: not impossible, just less likely! Also they’ll have to tell you if it was your photos, your wit, or some combination of both. Nothing you do or say will make someone “in line” with you.Consider this: you’ve met hundreds of people in your life, maybe even thousands.Again, there’s nothing wrong with this and when you realize nobody is to blame, . Don’t take it personally if you’re out of sync with someone.You have to sift through lots of people, so when you realize you’re looking for someone where the conversation comes naturally and is fun, you won’t waste time and effort trying to force conversations to work…

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