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Sally reveals that she broke up with her boyfriend and Marty said that his girlfriend has emigrated to Australia.Sally later sends a "Book of Happy" to Marty, an interactive pop-up book depicting their adventures, to cheer him up.A long audition was held to find Larrucea's replacement which was Rhian Ramos.Screenwriter Sawit stated that the film makers were deliberately avoiding to cast someone "famous" to avoid "dealing with management" but still choose to cast Ramos for the role of a character described to exhibit a combination of vulnerability, quirkiness, toughness and intelligence.Marty knocks on the door and sees her with a bruise on her mouth, which Sally explains that it was caused by an accident.

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Ramos described that members of the cast did not have to "supercharacterize" explaining that she felt the same way as her character Sally, that Marcos is the same as Marty and Trinidad is the same as Nick in his "own funny way" but added during the interview done after the film's production that Trinidad "graduated a bit".Marty succumbs to depression and drew grim drawings, compiles them into his "Book of Sad" and sends it to Sally.The two grew distant from each other as they both enter college; Sally had another boyfriend and Marty had a girlfriend.Marty is an amateur comic book artist who sees the world around him as a vivid picture book, and also sees most people he dislikes or indifferent to as monsters.When he was still a high school sophomore, Marty was often picked on by a bully until Sally, a gadget inventor, intervenes and later helps Marty exact revenge by humiliating the bully in public.

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