Rss feed not updating in outlook 2016

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For many of us it has become a customary practice to start a day with reading world’s latest news.I believe this tradition in some form or other has been with us since the earliest days of newspapers.However, this option, again, should be used very carefully due to the risk of possible retrieving of your stored passwords.Luckily, the feeds that you already subscribed to, do not require registered accounts.While group policy is considered by many to be a ‘corporate’ feature, anyone can change their local group policy, or simply edit the registry.Create the following key if it does not exist and restart Outlook: This turns off the RSS capability but does not remove the RSS folder from your message store.

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In this filter, two comparison options are available: treating items with any match as duplicates (following match criteria: title, link and GUID and description), and treating items with any difference as new items.The ability to quickly switch processing of RSS feeds on and off using the item opens the available settings of the add-in: You can set the following parameters: time before the first refresh, refresh interval, default Outlook folder, disabling error e-mails, not refreshing RSS feeds when offline, adding a feed title to the default feed folder, and refreshing links through Also, there is an option for setting the add-in through the Proxy authentication (here you need to be very careful because the add-in gives you a warning that stored passwords may be retrieved). A click on this menu item opens the following window: In this window, you manage the subscriptions and settings of all your RSS channels.With the course of time, however, new forms of media emerged.The constantly growing speed of our life, naturally, has had a great impact on technology, and as a result, we all have become part of the integrated information environment.

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