Rules on dating friends exes

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Remember, this is a man who is friends with the guy who broke your heart. Get busy trying to find one who won’t serve as a constant reminder of your past.

Keep in mind, an ex is not defined as some random guy you had a one-night stand with two years ago.

Now that you’ve decided on living with your former lover, you need to get that awkward money situation out of the way with ASAP. These are definitely issues that need to be worked out post-breakup. If you happen to have procreated with your now-ex and are still living together post-breakup, there are a whole new list of rules you should abide by.

Likely, you already divvied up who pays what when you first moved in together, but you may have been taking some of the extra brunt on account of you loving that person. #1 Reassure your children that it isn’t their fault.

Then it’s important that you set boundaries with each other. Most would advise against this practice, as physical contact tends to muddle these situations.

Ground rules must be set, such as no more mutual showers, absolutely *no* breakup sex, no getting drunk together, and no romantic movie nights, etc.

Just remember that these are the necessary steps needed for both of you to move on.

[Read: 8 most common post-breakup habits to avoid] #3 Expect that sooner or later, one of you will move on.

Even if you’re the one who ended things, it may still come as a shock to you when your ex starts seeing someone new.

Split the bills 50/50, or according to paychecks, and discuss how your grocery situation is going to work. This one seems like an after school special, but believe it or not, children of all ages often blame themselves for their parent’s dismal relationship, and retain guilt over this for years. Easier said than done, I know, but I know plenty of adults whose parents went through a divorce who admit to seeing their parents fighting in front of one another.

Getting the child involved in the drama of the breakup can leave them emotionally scarred in one way or another. So you’ve left your ex, and you understandably begin a strong dislike of them. Your issues with your ex involve you and you alone, not your children. But it’s important for the emotional wellbeing and growth of your child that he or she still sees you as a united front: as parents who agree and make decisions regarding their children together.

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