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I asked Yagan whether Ok Cupid might try tailoring its algorithm to surface more statistically successful racial combinations.

Such a measure wasn’t out of the question, he said.

Date-mining software needs lots of tuning to create good matches, so the services track everything would-be lovebirds do.

Their romantic-data trails become grist for matchmaking improvements.

Nicholas have been attained by various churches worldwide.

Many relics that we study turn out to date to a period somewhat later than the historic attestation would suggest. Higham and his team now plan to test all of these fragments, with the aim of showing that they are all from the same individual.

This bone fragment, in contrast, suggests that we could possibly be looking at remains from St. Tom Higham As well as the remains in Bari, more than 500 bone fragments believed to belong to St. "We can do this using ancient palaeogenomics, or DNA testing," says Dr.

As I lie awake in my bed, I hear some rustling downstairs. But researchers from Oxford University in the United Kingdom suggest that St.

It is this generosity that is thought to have inspired the story of Santa Claus, a man who travels around the globe on Christmas Eve, delivering gifts to good little boys and girls.

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