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Cost-effective while empowering victims to save their own lives, the lack of wide-spread use of GPS with Victim Notification instead demonstrates government's lack of regard for individuals and the family.However, one must always Always keep your eye on the judge.The video could later be used as part of a plea deal, which would save the state trial costs. That after filing for divorce - people often do not realize that unless they can come to some kind of basic agreement, they are inviting a judge to wholesale order services, for the purpose of micro-managing their lives and the lives of their children - including vacations, until the children reach the age of majorit.There is also the matter of couples setting each other up, with "3.Next we have the huge of amount of police, DA, and Judicial “Discretion” in how to address everything from battery to attempted murder, to murder.How the epidemic of family murders is addressed in America is: Low bail and another chance to harm.Writing from Milwaukee on December 28, 1842, Father Kundig listed 20 parishes already established or about to be established by himself; second on the list of those in existence was St. Bishop Peter Lefevre of Detroit, who had this area of Wisconsin under his wing, and Bishop Loras of Dubuque, who made excursions even as far as Milwaukee, knew the growth potential of the church in Wisconsin.Nevertheless, it fell to Father Kundig, who initiated progress with a missionary's zeal, to help bring the matter to the attention of the church leaders in Baltimore. Mary was not Father Kundig, but Father Patrick O'Kelley, who came to Wisconsin from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in May 1839. Luke in Milwaukee, his priestly duties took him on frequent trips to outlying districts where immigrant Irish, German, Scottish, English and French had long since fanned out from the city to take up farming.

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As such, family court judges "outsource" much like sales reps; ordering a variety of "services" designed to interpret - instead of speaking to all involved, especially the children. As such, Children remain the marketing cog which turns the litigation wheel that fuels the entire industry.

we remain hopeful Family Court judges will soon display the kind of integrity Criminal Court judges do when they order GPS with Victim Notification for victims of crimes.

Currently Family Court judges do nothing to protect vitims of crimes ranging from assault, to attempted murder.

Changing this basic, outsourcing court dynamic, is in the best interests of the child.

Once a judge has direct contact with children, the need for the variety of other services often falls away. San Diego Director of Emergency Service, hired former deputy Jesse Thrush, a convicted felon, as an EMT.

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