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To understand what occurred Thursday night, I must explain something. For example, if she wants to say something to me while I'm sitting at my desk at home, she might very well come over and put her arm around me or softly caress my neck while talking to me.

I cannot fully explain it, but somehow that also makes sex more desirable, more exciting--at least it does for me. It'll make you think of me and our date tonight." After getting in the car, I slipped the cassette into the player, and the Turtles began singing: From the time I fall asleep 'Till the morning comes I dream about you baby. It was becoming apparent that Laurie planned and prepared a lot for this "date." But as yet I still had little concept of how extensive her whole plan really was. Hopefully, some sort of mixture of the date motif and reality. So for most of the day my thoughts centered on two things: the youthful anticipation of a date with a pretty girl that night and, I have to admit, a very intense desire for sex!Return to Home Page I should have guessed something was afoot.However, even if I had surmised that Laurie was planning something, I would never have imagined that she had set her plan in motion so far in advance or that it had such an astonishing number of details.Even after some years of marriage, my skin still tingles when she touches me. Earlier in the evening, I had just sat down at my desk, and Laurie brought the mail over to me.As she put it down, she reached her arm around me and gently stroked my face. Later when we were watching TV, I had my arm around her as usual.

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