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When Meredith threw the guests out, her reputation of being a “friendly” hostess took a hit.Titles Quotation marks enclose the title of short written/artistic/musical works, and they indicate nicknames.Visit Stack Exchange I would like to make Intimidate a major part of my PC's fighting style. ) My PC is a beguiler/warblade (gestalt character).I think it's cool, and themey; I don't like the fact that it takes a Standard action, though. , which allows you to make Intimidate checks as a move action.

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If the end of a paragraph is reached, no end quotation mark is used if the quotation continues, but another at the beginning of the following paragraph indicates the continuation.

“When the men reached the shore, they tied their boats to the bushes.

When they follow each other, a space is required for better readability.

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