Updating glib

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Yes, C , since most incompatibilities occur within the C ABI.

If you are upgrading to GCC 4.1, or GCC 5.1, you would probably encounter ABI issues.

However, on some versions of Ubuntu (at least v14.04 , but there may be others) wx Python requires the system libraries, which are blocked by these packages.

Currently the file /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive contains all locales and is thus huge (103MB).

This document guides users through the process of upgrading to modern versions of GCC.

Please note that downgrading GCC might have unwanted side effects.

That's because from that version onward, GCC uses a forward-compatible ABI, which removes the need for rebuilding applications and libraries.GCC upgrading has always been mystified, with suggestions ranging from "users do not need to do anything" to "users will need to rebuild the entire system twice".Most of this fear, uncertainty and doubt comes from the confusion surrounding ABI incompatibility, something that nowadays rarely happens (and when it does, it will be announced).Of course, guarantees can never be given indefinitely, but when an incompatibility occurs again, we'll definitely document it here and release a news item.In that case, the version of the library will probably be increased.

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