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Invalid Operation Exception was caught Message=Invalid type of expression. If I have a new object that was a detached copy of a persisted object (but without the Entity Key or other staff like this).The detached copy and the persisted object just have the same properties value.I know better Hibernate (Java version) and it has a method called Save Or Update that first check if the object exist and later decide what to do (I believe that it first try to update and if it fails then insert the object).This could be very useful becuase when an object travel in different tiers when you finally have to persist it you couldn't know if it is new or modified.URL: https://soulmates.uk/ Putting a price on love: A minimum of £16 a month.By sharing it in the comments section below you’ll help out some other seniors.And if you have that, you have to find a way to tell the Business Object what part of the tree you now want do include. I wish you the best, cause still iam using this code in every project ^^ Thx again. But later when there is the call to Collect Relational Members I get an expression error because it goes in this condition if (exp. Lambda) and if I check Body it is ((Lambda Expression)exp). NET) and also the there is a fix in the Get Entity Set Name.Wanted to say that i found a solution to add Includes if you have a IQueryable(of T) You just have to cast it to Object Query(of T) The wonderfull thing about taht is that now i can call my busineessobjects that return IQueryable and if i need it, i can still add more includes later. Body = and members is empty This is the full exception System. There is still a problem that I have found but I think it is not so easy to solve.

Now i can just come back from client with the tree and use this method and everything is fine! Self Tracking Entities (STE) are an application of the Unit of Work design pattern, similar to the now obsolete Entitybag I mention in my article. I suppose that is caused by some conversion from to c#. Collect Relational Members(Expression exp, IList`1 members) in C:\projects\GEC\Code Project. Data\Entity\Entity Framework Helper.cs:line 16 at Code Project. Having the Invalid Operation Exception("Invalid type of exception") means you came in the 'default' case of the switch expression in the Collect Relational Members method, as you were aware. Just to check, you say your code is: Get DBEntities(). Attach Object Graph(to Create, Function(e) e.edificio. Without Update(), Function(r) r.ruolo, Function(p) p.ruolo.persona. Without Update()) And finally, have you tried the latest version of the code ? Bw Markus This forum may be used only to ask questions and give answers for Sobi Pro component and its applications.If you have membership-related questions, please use the contact form.so i just found out the up to date version is to find here: Control/list/changesets[^] on the right side download...I guess Rudi you can update the files here too and than please delete this comment ^^Thanks gantara, I've downloaded the latest.

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