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Having spent a month fact finding in Uruguay last year, I was disappointed to see you spouting the same misinfo as everyone else about Uruguay. With stable and secret banking, one of South America’s highest standards of living, its longest life expectancy, lowest rates of crime and corruption, and supposedly good infrastructure, Uruguay has been called “The Switzerland of South America”.

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Live and Invest Overseas rated it #3 on their recent “10 Best Places to Retire” list.

Anticipating the strong possibility of a dollar meltdown and concomitant chaos in the U. at some point in the future, Josee and I spent the month of March, 2010 traveling in Uruguay to assess it as a possible place to diversify some money out of the U. in the form of a Uruguayan real estate investment which could also be used as a place to retire in our later years or bug out to if need be before that.

And we are still trying to figure out where the thousands of people who visit the beaches during January and February go to the toilet because there aren't any public ones.

If the country’s general prices were a quarter of what they are, a lot of these sorts of things could be overlooked.

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