Vb net designer file not updating

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Output window doesn't reveal anything other than this: E:\Work\Projects\Internet Connection Monitor\ICMWeb\Controls\Grids \Setting Grid.ascx(1): Build (web): Could not load type 'Setting Grid'.Partial types allows you to split the definition and implementation of a class or a struct across multiple files.You can put one part of a class in one file and another part of the class in a different file by using the new partial keyword Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/... The conversion usually completes smootly, depending on how well was the old code written (VS2005 is more meticolous regarding type-conversions and Object usage).itself uses partial types to manage Form and User Control sources, separing Designer code from User code. Anyway, during the conversion, to the new (so called) Designer User format.The designer and code behind pages are a function of the root aspx page so the designer is not a function of the code behind and thus appears at the same level. User Grid, is it during the build process, or when you attempt to view the page after a build.

Also, when I delete ALL asp code from the file except for the directive, it still fails. When I create a new site, pages I add are not namespaced, but the controls I generated ARE namespaced. NET : Framework 2.0 - C# A recent addition to my code generater will create Grid View's and Object Data Source's in a control (ASCX). I now wanted to use it for another project (B), but when refreshing the files in the website, only the cs file nests under the file.So the code gen creates an ascx, ascx.cs, ascx.and a stylesheet. When generating for project A, the control files (after refresh) appear all nested properly, eg. The designer file does not nest; it simply sits at the same level as the ascx.The error occurs because something within that page is preventing it from building.You may want to add the Output window to the project as it will often show errors in the build process that you may now catch otherwise.

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