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I turned up at my hostel, told them I wanted to see the backwaters the next day and let them sort everything out for me. 1,000 rupees for the full day including a traditional breakfast and lunch.

So cheap that I pretty much felt like I was robbing the company!

However, travelling solo on a backpacker’s budget and getting a houseboat to myself sounded a bit extravagant…. In the end, I decided to see them by canoe and honestly think I had a much more worthwhile experience because of it.

Here are a few reasons why I would recommend a canoe trip down the Kerala backwaters to any other solo, budget traveller in India.

Still though, unless there is a huge group of you, a decent houseboat (the ones with the chefs serving fancy food rather than 100 rupee thalis) is still gonna be pricey.

Until then, prostitutes and if you're lucky...exploiting one of the aforementioned Indian "hippies" is the way to go Good post Sonny.

Go to any part of the Spanish coast or any Greek island if you want that. Does not make the women any less hideous or fugly though. I got a driver to drive me around Delhi and show me all the sites for 6 hours for (but read the cons, some things are expensive) Cons - You will not get laid. - Expensive Hotels (the only decent places to stay are the 4 or 5 star hotels. Anything cheaper and you have the chance of getting your shit stolen, or the bed being to dirty to sleep in) - Poverty. It's pretty much a game of pretense and 1upping other people.

I've visited the Spanish island of Ibiza and to the Greek Islands last year, and yup, tons of British chicks (and guys) there. The psychology behind this is the Hindu dowry system (wherein the MALE gets paid) and the complete disregard for individuality, especially women's- who are coddled from birth to death & don't really need to expend any effort in anything.

Many of the British chicks actually had nice thin bodies, but few had nice faces. Here are the pro's and cons: Pros: - lots of culture & spirituality. This is why the bitchiness & sense of entitlement comes so naturally to most of them.

In the Greek Islands, forget about getting greek girls. And trust me, you will ask yourself why you flew all the way around the world to get the same American-Princess bitchy-ness, only in a Quicki-Mart accent. People born in the 80s and later are more aware & liberal, but very few are real individualists- because the truth is the dowry system still prevails and everyone knows that and takes it as a given.

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