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It definitely causes those uncomfortable situations where there’s a lot of disagreement.” Also disagreeing at work? Will Halstead, who’s also got his work cut out for him at home, trying to win over his girlfriend’s young son, as De Vitto previews in the following Q&A. ” [ Over the past few seasons, there have been a lot of moments where it’s been almost, but not quite, with them. I think where she was on her journey, she went through her grieving process, and then she almost got a little angry and was in a more standoffish place.TVLINE Were you relieved that the writers weren’t going to drag out the will-they/won’t-they between Will and Natalie, and just decided to delve into the relationship? And then dating Jeff, I think, was a way for her to still hold on to her dead husband, as well, in a really odd way.We’re going through that balance with men and women, and so to actually be able to speak on that and perform that was really exciting. And now she’s dating on top of it, and it’s finding that balance of, “When do I let my son meet the person I’m dating? TVLINE How does Will take towards that family dynamic? Do you think, if the three of them got together now, that it would be awkward?No, because it didn’t go far enough for it to be awkward.Nina recently broke up with their other co-star, Ian Somerhalder, who plays Paul’s brother on .Here’s that photo, which seems suspicious to me because it just shows Nina and Paul., they attended the Philosophy Hope & Grace Luncheon for Mental Health Month in L. De Vitto has had her fair share of famous relationships, including Paul Wesley of Cupid’s Advice: Relationships can be hard to maintain if you don’t have the right partner.

[From US Weekly] Now I normally wouldn’t wonder if Paul is dating his costar and sometimes on-screen love interest, Nina Dobrev, except for some photos that Nina posted to Who Say recently.

But when I saw that was happening, I did reach out to our writers.

I was like, “First of all, people are going to hate Natalie because everybody loves ‘Manstead’ together.

It’s really an interesting and exciting episode, especially with what’s going on in the world right now, and the way she stands [up] for herself. ” and he’s like, “Yeah, you’re my pretend mommy.” It melted my heart.

I literally called our showrunners, and I was like, “Thank you for giving me this storyline! It’s so poignant, too, because [for] so many professionals, there is that struggle right now. That’s another thing I love, that I get to stand in the space of being that woman who is making it all work — her career, she has a family — and she’s doing it all on her own. I don’t think it’s easy for anyone, so that makes it fun, too. [ Natalie almost asked Will’s brother Jay out last season.

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